Our Belief

Getting a deep understanding of why customers think, feel, and behave the way they do is powerful. It can help formulate hypotheses, lend rich details and context, and offer insight into correlation and causation that surveys may not provide.

But to truly capture these dynamics, it requires having the expertise and experience to determine what approach and environment is most effective to get to the insights that matter most.

Our Expertise

At Rockbridge, we partner with you throughout all stages of the research process. We ensure that our skilled and experienced facilitators fully understand your goals and business issues in order to deliver the valuable analyses and applicable conclusions to move decisions forward.

We are experts in a variety of qualitative research techniques and tools that could be used address your objectives.  Our breadth of services include:

  •   Online, in-person, and telephone approaches
  •   Focus groups and depth interviews (e.g., one-on-one interviews)

Our Innovative Tools

We also offer our proprietary social media research application OpinionPond™ which collects qualitative data in an online and mobile environment that mirrors social media.