Track and optimize the customer experience

In today’s competitive omni-channel environment, organizations can only survive if they continuously provide customers with an exceptional experience that triggers positive emotions and builds loyalty.  A key to delivering that experience is an effective CX measurement program that allows you to constantly be in tune with the customer journey.  This starts with up to the minute information that can be drilled down to the most granular level.  In the long run, this means comparing the CX with customer expectations, identifying priorities for improving the customer experience, and providing managers and employees with clear goals.

State-of-the-art, real-time measurement and feedback is just the one step to ensuring an effective CX function.  To make CX investments truly pay-off, companies need a science-based methodology that reveals to all stakeholders exactly where to invest resources and how much to invest. The rewards are great: more loyal customers, increased profitability, and freedom to focus on innovation to ensure market leadership.

Our Solution

MaxServ™ is a comprehensive, science-based CX measurement and tracking solution that enables you to get to the core of what drives customer satisfaction and provides concrete guidance on where to invest resources.

How it’s Different

MaxServ™ doesn’t just throw out a single number that leaves you guessing how to improve the customer experience.  It tracks performance across all the areas deemed important by customers.  And, it helps you set priorities by comparing performance with quantifiable goals based on customer expectation. The superior MaxServ™ metrics are delivered by an affordable, real-time tracking and measurement platform.

Benefit of the Approach

This best practice approach homes in on what your company needs to prioritize and can act on because it:

  • Measures what your customers expect from you so you can set goals that matter
  • Factors in what can be addressed within your company’s own environment
  • Identifies what really moves the needle for your business so you can effectively allocate resources
  • Puts you in control by allowing you to track the customer experience in real-time