Defining and Assessing Your Brand

The value of your brand today is about its physical and mental availability. Can your customers get what they need from your brand and does it deliver clear benefits in comparison to the competition?

With the amount of information and choices available to your customers, it’s critical to maintain the relevance of your brand. On the flip side, if your brand is trying to break through the noise, defining your positioning and conveying a differentiated value proposition is a must.

At Rockbridge, we deliver solutions that get at the functional or “what it does” elements that make up your brand while connecting it to the emotional or “how it makes me feel” aspects that really draw customers in.

With our years and of depth of expertise working across various industries and services, we work with you to design studies that:

  • Assess perceptions of your brand among your customers and competition
  • Measure how your brand is tracking over time
  • Determine how your brand can increase mindshare among your customers
  • Identify the value that your brand delivers to drive marketing initiatives