Education is changing in America as student demographics and attitudes shift, government policies change, technology advances, and disruptive competitors emerge.  These changes have a profound effect on families’ decisions for their children, from planning and preparing for education, to choosing schools, to financing.  As a result, schools and service providers to the education sector are discovering traditional acquisition and retention strategies are not enough to grow enrollment or their customer base.

Rockbridge has science-based qualitative and quantitative research solutions designed to help schools and service providers adapt their marketing strategies to this new reality.  We have developed our solutions over the past two decades while working with our clients in the education sector and conducting research with a wide range of education-related audiences, such as the following:

  • Parents and grandparents of K-12th grade children and college students
  • High school and college students
  • College admissions officers, financial aid administrators, and high school guidance counselors
  • Heads of private schools, and principals and teachers in public schools.

Rockbridge’s education research services include:

  • Brand positioning research to understand your school or company’s position in the marketplace and the drivers of brand choice using our MaxMindShare™ solution
  • Communications messaging studies to understand the deeper emotions and values that drive families’ educational decisions using our MaxMessage™ solution
  • Strategic segmentation studies to identify and understand the unique motivations and needs of your target audience using our MaxSeg™ solution
  • New product and service development to prioritize product and service benefits and features
  • Customer dialogue through our qualitative social media research application, OpinionPond™

Our clients in education include K-12th grade private schools, universities, education finance companies, and service providers.  A few of our clients in this sector include: National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), George Mason University, Ascensus College Savings, Sallie Mae, and CollegeNet, to name a few.