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Our qualitative and quantitative research solutions have been designed with the sole purpose of discovering insights that drive business outcomes. They are based on sound social science methods, and have received accolades by leaders in the field. Most importantly, they have been proven through countless studies and refined by our experts to ensure they will address your business questions and lead to positive business results.


Understanding Your Customers

We identify all aspects of the customer relationship to determine what’s driving perceptions, motivations and behavior. This is accomplished through three approaches.
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MaxShare™ will enable you to determine what factors influence customers’ behavior in shifting their spending to you vs. the competition and link that to your bottom line.
MaxServ™ provides a comprehensive performance measurement and tracking solution that enables you to get to the core of what’s driving customer satisfaction.
MaxSeg™ identifies the critical segments that align to your organization’s goals and provides the insights and information to understand how to act upon them.
OpinionPond™ delivers a social media inspired experience to engage participants and uncover deep insights to inform business decisions.
TechQual® helps you understand your audience’s readiness to adopt and embrace new products, services, and experiences.

Optimizing Your Products and Services

We provide the data and insights needed to help you identify, evaluate, and optimize the products and services that resonate with your customers. More importantly, we provide actionable insights that help you determine the impact that they will have on your business.
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MaxProduct™ enables you to determine the optimal feature set for your product or service. Our proprietary solution helps you to understand what feature tradeoffs need to be made based on customers’ buying interest and the resulting impact on revenues and costs.

Price Sensitivity Analysis

We conduct Price Sensitivity Analysis to help you identify thresholds as well as other valuable measures to help you make the most informed decisions.

Concept Screening and Testing

We deliver Concept Screening and Testing solutions to help you determine those features and concepts that have the opportunity to move your business forward.

Pi-360 with The Futurist Group

The Pi-360 approach provides end-to-end insights to drive development of a credit card strategy that is relevant in today’s marketplace. Pi-360 combines the power of state-of-the-art competitive market analysis from the payments experts at the Futurist Group with custom-designed best practice research solutions by experienced researchers at Rockbridge to ensure your product’s success.

Defining and Assessing Your Brand

We deliver solutions that get at the functional or “what it does” elements that make up your brand while connecting it to the emotional or “how it makes me feel” aspects that really draw customers in.
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MaxMindShare™ determines where to best position your brand by decoding how your customers make buying decisions in the context of your competition, as well as any other barriers that influence their actions.
We employ Means-End research to get at the heart of how people make decisions on varying levels. This rigorous and proven method uncovers the underlying emotions, consequences and personal values that drive customer choice.

Brand Development Research

Our Brand Development Research solutions enable you to not only identify the motivational factors that make up your value proposition, but also examine, measure, and track your brand.