Workforce Economy Research

The current state of the world has created lasting shifts in the already ever-changing workforce environment. As businesses and its people navigate and plan for the volatile post-pandemic future, acknowledgements for the new change in what workers want and need are crucial to both individual worker and business success. Careers are now transforming from the traditional rigid, linear, and conformist path to one that is fluid, agile, and enables individual expression. What once were nice perks are now must-haves to satisfy, motivate, and retain workers. In response, businesses must answer the questions of how they can cater to the increasingly diverse, multi-generational workforce, provide flexibility in schedules and work locations, and develop strategies on the hiring and retention processes following the aftermath of The Great Resignation.

At Rockbridge, we provide a wide scope of qualitative and quantitative research solutions that range from our deep dives in the relationship of workers’ career and life success in relation to business success to broader research on freelancing, small business, independent workers, and on-demand economy workers.

Our clients include major stakeholders in the workforce economy, including Fiverr, MBO Partners, Emergent Research, and Flywheel Associates, as well as global employers competing for high-demand workers, technology solutions providers, and professional associations monitoring changing job roles and workforce diversity.

Public studies Rockbridge works on related to the freelancing and employee environment include:

If you have questions about these studies, reach out to Gina Woodall, President of Rockbridge.