Getting to the heart of buyer behavior

Many factors influence buyer choice and it is not always clear what drives it or how to shift preference in favor of your product or brand. You suspect that your messaging is not getting to the heart of buyer motivation and is proving ineffective in persuading potential customers to buy.

Customers do not buy simply based on the tangible features and benefits of your product or service alone. Typically, they make decisions at a deeper emotional level. They buy based on the emotions and personal values they are striving to fulfill in life.

Our Solution

MaxMessage™ gets to the heart of how people make buying decisions. This rigorous and proven approach uncovers the underlying emotions, consequences and personal values that drive brand choice.

MaxMessage™ relies on a rigorous and unique quantitative survey methodology for identifying the message themes that will resonate with your target market.  Our approach measures the tangible product features and benefits, and identifies how they link to specific psycho-social needs and personal values your customers’ seek to fulfill.

The result is a Consumer Decision Map that provides a clear picture of the common decision paths that exist in the market.  We reveal the linkages between individual product features and benefits that lead to underlying emotions and values that ultimately drive buyer choice.

Benefit of the Approach

By understanding your target market’s common decision paths, MaxMessage™ helps you craft persuasive communications, advertising and branding strategies that influence behavior.