Brand Development Research

Developing, modeling, and measuring your brand

The Business Challenge

You know it’s important to gauge where your brand sits in the mind of your customers. With a strong brand, your company can command a price premium, deepen customer relationships, ensure successful line extensions, help the organization attract talent, and boost stock prices.

But the position that it owns in your customers’ minds may have changed over time. Its relevancy and value, which was once clear, is now in question.

Our Belief

There are many facets to defining a strong brand. We know that taking into account and understanding all these dimensions help you and your stakeholders determine the right value proposition and craft the appropriate marketing strategy that develops your brand.

You also need a solid system for measuring and diagnosing your company’s brand equity. This system should include a wide range of measures, including usage and satisfaction, so you know where to place your focus.

Our Solution

Our Brand Development Research solutions enable you to not only identify the motivational factors that make up your value proposition, but also examine, measure, and track your brand.

How it’s Different

We evaluate your brand by dissecting its brand equity components and looking through the lens of our Brand Development Model. This framework categorizes the stages of development for your brand, identifies how to measure the progress in each stage, and prescribes marketing priorities for moving a brand to a higher stage of development.

Benefit of the Approach

Through our comprehensive solutions, our Brand Development solutions enable you to

  • Understand your competitive positioning
  • Identify what factors define your company’s value proposition
  • Measure customer brand perceptions and motivators
  • Assess how you are performing over time
  • Craft marketing strategies that build and differentiate your brand