Content and Media

You are in a hyper-competitive environment, technology is turning old business models on their heads, and consumers are increasingly accessing content on the go from wireless devices. Questions come up:  How do you build a loyal audience? How can you attract new customers? How should you bundle your content offerings and price them? We understand what you are up against, and will listen to you, recognize your unique situation, and offer a proven solution to help you win in a world filled with disruptive competition.

At Rockbridge, we provide qualitative and quantitative research solutions that can help your company navigate a marketplace where content and technologies converging. We understand the decisions faced by media companies in building audiences, the products consumers use to access content, and the issues around pricing and bundling.

Rockbridge’s technology research services include:

Our clients include content providers, consumer technology providers and telecom and cable companies. Examples include: Verizon, Gannett, and Sprint.