Connecting the "why" to the "what"

The Business Challenge

Having quantitative data is important, but in looking at your numbers, we know there are times when you wished you knew the “Why?” behind the results.

Your quantitative data may provide answers to questions like “how many, how likely, which one,” but leave you wondering…”what do they mean” or “why does it matter”. 

Our Belief

To make the most informed business decisions, you need to connect all the dots, not just in the type of data you need, but in a way that best collects that learning. In this day and age of mobile and social environments, customers communicate and share their feedback in a fundamentally different way.  It’s important to collect customer sentiment in ways that reflect how they now behave.

Our Solution

OpinionPond™ delivers a unique research experience that brings your survey data to life. It delivers the context and rationale behind your customers’ responses by marrying your quantitative findings to qualitative feedback in a virtual community-like setting.

How it’s Different

OpinionPond™ dynamically connects participants in mobile and online surveys to an interactive virtual conversation so you can continue the discussion while getting the feedback quickly and efficiently. We monitor the conversation and facilitate as needed to keep participants on track to answer your questions.

Benefit of the Approach

This virtual Facebook-reminiscent environment delivers a familiar user interface that’s easy to use.  OpinionPond™ also enables you to:

  •    Ensure a more representative nationwide sample
  •    Narrowly define who you want to include to get the most relevant information
  •    Allow respondents to participate from any device, online or mobile
  •    Participate in OpinionPond™, ask questions or just observe the conversation
  •    Implement quickly in an affordable and efficient way

Participants can even express their opinions and sentiments with visuals and communicate their level of agreement with others.