Connecting the “Why” to the “What”

Having quantitative data is important, but in looking at your numbers, we know there are times when you wished you knew the reasons for them, or the “Why?”  Your quantitative data may provide answers to questions like “how many, how likely, which one,” but leave you wondering… “what do they mean?” or “why does it matter?”

To make the most informed business decisions, you need to go deep and understand customer motivations, needs, emotions, and values that drive preference and behavior. You also need to do it in a way that reflects current lifestyles.  In the age of mobile and social media communications, qualitative research must adapt to engage respondents and uncover profound insights.

Our Solution

OpinionPond™ is an interactive qualitative research platform that delivers a social media inspired experience to engage participants and uncover deep insights to inform business decisions.  The platform dynamically connects participants in mobile and online surveys to a virtual conversation so you can continue the discussion while getting rich feedback quickly and efficiently.  OpinionPond™ can also be implemented simply as an exploratory research tool to facilitate a deeper conversation with your customers, foster agile development initiatives, or provide input to design follow-up quantitative research.

Benefits of OpinionPond™

This virtual social media inspired environment delivers a familiar user interface that’s easy to use and is led by a skilled Rockbridge moderator to ensure the conversation between participants stays on point and uncovers rich insights.

OpinionPond™ enables you to:

  • Implement research quickly in an affordable and efficient way
  • Provide an energetic atmosphere to generate ideas and rich insights
  • Allow respondents to participate from any device, online or mobile
  • Ensure a more representative nationwide sample
  • Narrowly define who you want to include to get the most relevant information
  • Participate in OpinionPond™, ask questions or just observe the conversation

OpinionPond™ is not just limited to a conversation.  Participants can express their opinions and sentiments with images, videos, and icons.

Don’t wait to gather rich insights in this unique forum – contact us today to schedule a demo.