Our Belief

Collecting that rich understanding of your customers from qualitative research is immensely valuable. But often, you need to test, confirm, or validate these findings across your target audiences, because your stakeholders need to be sure that they are making sound business decisions from data that truly reflects the market.

Getting large samples to derive statistically significant measures isn’t enough. It requires knowing the right information to collect and the optimal approach methodologically and analytically.

Our Expertise

At Rockbridge, developing and conducting quantitative research is core to who we are. Our seasoned in-house researchers design and analyze surveys ranging from the simple to the complex.

We are well-versed in all forms of marketing research surveys.  We have proven success in applying the most sound and forward-thinking quantitative techniques and leveraging best-in-class tools. Our services include:

  •   Online, mobile, telephone, central location (e.g. mall), and mail surveys
  •   Global and multilingual surveys

You can also feel secure in knowing the business decisions you make are based on sound data. All of our online and mobile surveys using panel provided sample must past rigorous quality control standards using our SafeSample™ methodology.  SafeSample™ provides peace of mind that the data you receive is from respondents who thoughtfully considered their responses.

Proprietary and Innovative Tools

We also provide our proprietary measure called TechQual ® which assesses your customers’ technology readiness, or propensity to adopt innovative products, services and experiences, offering an added layer of insight into customer mindsets and motivations.