Concept Screening and Testing

Prioritize and optimize the ideas that matter most

The Business Challenge

Your company has new product, service, and feature ideas. Lots of them. Some could have potential but others might not. You need to help your organization quickly vet these options to identify which ones to prioritize, because your company can’t develop everything.

But that’s just the beginning.  To help your organization truly evaluate an idea’s potential or determine the most salient set of features, you need data and information on its strengths/weaknesses and its resonance with your target audiences. You want to make sure that what’s going to be produced and marketed is backed by sound and confirmatory results.  

Our Belief

We believe that how you test your ideas is just as important as what you test.  It means getting the full background on its use, customers’ expectations, as well as the end benefit to your company in order to design the right approach that drives informed decisions.

It means focusing on what your customer really needs and ultimately designing and implementing what matters most.

Our Solution

At Rockbridge, we deliver Concept Screening and Testing solutions to help you determine those features and concepts that have the opportunity to move your business forward.

How it’s Different

We dive deep into understanding your product/service:  the technical aspects, expected user behavior, the price, your target audience and what are musts haves vs. nice to haves. We ensure that they are screened against business requirements like marketing strategies, financial considerations, as well as customer expectations and needs.  We know there needs to be a balance between what is desirable in the mind of the customer but what is also feasible from a technical and market perspective.

Our studies are designed and implemented in a way that ensures you get the most objective and reliable data from which to base your decisions.

Benefit of the Approach

With our Concept Screening and Testing solutions, you can:

  •    Prioritize the right ideas and features
  •    Optimize and refine your product/service concepts
  •    Assess and improve your messaging and positioning