Leveraging Pi-360 to Differentiate Your Credit Card Portfolio

The payments space is ever changing with banks and credit unions introducing new products and fintechs challenging the status quo every day. As a result, your card portfolio can become stale, quickly causing a decline in acquisition and usage. Pi-360 offers a holistic approach to refresh your card products and introduce innovative offerings in this ever-changing environment.

The Pi-360 approach provides end-to-end insights to drive development of a card strategy that is relevant in today’s marketplace. Pi-360 combines the power of state-of-the-art competitive market analysis from the payments experts at the Futurist Group with custom-designed best practice research solutions by experienced researchers at Rockbridge to ensure your product’s success.

The Pi-360 platform constantly analyzes the market to evaluate consumer reactions to every product in market across demographic segments. By leveraging this technology, your team can gain instant insights into your target market, the card features resonating with them, and the whitespace available for a differentiated offering.

With a comprehensive understanding of the current market, the Pi-360 team works with you to identify unique value propositions that differentiate your brand and tests them with your target audience to optimize your offering.

An optimal value proposition needs an insights-driven marketing strategy to effectively drive acquisition and the Pi-360 team guides you in developing it. Getting at the heart of card acquisition behavior requires an understanding of the connection between the card’s tangible features and benefits to higher-order emotional needs and personal values. Using our MaxMessage™ solution, we give your creative team the insights it needs to design a positioning and messaging strategy that resonates with your target audience and drives acquisition.

Our unique combination of market analytics and proven research solutions will ensure you offer a differentiated product to your target audience with a tailored communications strategy that maximizes acquisition.

To learn more, check out our most recent case studies and blog posts and reach out to Joe Taliuaga at Rockbridge to discuss how Pi-360 can provide the insights you need to optimize your card strategy.