Identify and target your high value customers

The Business Challenge

Understanding your customer is core to any business, product, and marketing strategy. We know that identifying and defining your target audiences provides the necessary knowledge to create and optimize services that align to their needs.   It’s these insights that also shape your company’s marketing efforts when planning how to effectively attract and retain them.

Our Belief

We believe that establishing a robust value-based segmentation schema requires taking into account the critical factors that are important to your business and your potential audiences.  It’s not just looking at the demographics, but also the full set of psychographics including motivations, perceptions, and needs to build that comprehensive picture so your segmentation is actionable.

Our Solution

MaxSeg™ identifies the critical segments that align to your organization’s goals and provides the insights and information to understand how to act upon them.

How it’s Different

This solution focuses on collecting information that bases the segmentation on a strategic understanding and context of your business.  This knowledge drives our analysis so the end result is groups that fundamentally make sense vs. just a statistical technique that drives the outcome.

We also prioritize segments based on key indicators of value to your business to jumpstart your marketing efforts.

The additional creation of personas rooted in quantitative data arms your stakeholders with digestible, relatable profiles that can easily be socialized within your organization.

Benefit of the Approach

MaxSeg™ delivers a segmentation solution that has a track record of success in developing and prioritizing customer segments that are targetable and link to category usage.