Understand, identify and target high value customer segments

Customers and prospects have unique attitudes, needs, and preferences, representing distinct opportunities for your business. Identifying and understanding these different groups of customers is critical to developing successful business, product, and marketing strategies tailored to attract your most valuable customers.

An actionable segmentation achieves three important goals: it tells you how customers think, predicts their behavior, and identifies how to reach your target. If it can’t meet all three, your segmentation will sit on the shelf while your company continues to target customers and prospects based on behaviors observed in data bases, but without meaningful messaging that speaks to their needs and convinces them to buy.

Our Solution

Rockbridge’s MaxSeg™ solution uniquely balances these three goals to uncover segments that differentiate on attitudes and needs, value and behavior, and targetable traits. And, it provides the insights and information to understand how to act upon them.

The MaxSeg™ solution focuses on collecting information that bases the segmentation on a strategic understanding and context of your business.  This knowledge drives our analysis so the end result includes segments that fundamentally make sense vs. just a statistical technique that drives the outcome.

What Makes MaxSeg™ Different

  1. Identifies Actionable Segments—groups of customers with meaningful distinctions that drive real world behavior
  2. Uncovers high value segments through a Market Potential Index providing a data-driven approach to improve targeting
  3. Provides Market Sizing estimates so you understand the true value within the market and of each segment before you choose your targets
  4. Creates Personas using quantitative data, not gut feeling, to bring life to the segments
  5. Equips you with Typing Tools and linkages to external databases to optimize targeting strategies
  6. Includes a proven Socialization approach to ensure all levels and functions of the organization buy-in to the strategy and can put the results into action immediately

MaxSeg™ overcomes the barriers and finally puts a powerful segmentation strategy to work in your business.