Assess your customers’ technology readiness

The Business Challenge

Technology is completely embedded in consumers’ lives today. It deeply influences their experiences, expectations, behaviors, and mindsets.

Introducing new innovations or just keeping up and optimizing your existing services is an ongoing challenge.  You need to know if your customers are ready for the next innovation, and which customers will be more receptive to your new ideas or how to make adoption easier for the rest.

Our Belief

At Rockbridge, we’ve always had a passion for understanding how future innovations influence consumer behavior as well as businesses. And since 1999, we have been studying, modeling, and socializing our learnings.

Our Solution

TechQual ® is our solution to helping you understand your customers’ readiness to adopt and embrace new products, services and experiences.

Through our ongoing research in partnership with  Dr. Parasuraman, Professor of Marketing and Director of PhD Programs at the University of Miami school of Business, we have developed a construct of Technology Readiness (TR). This framework assesses a consumer’s propensity to adopt and embrace cutting-edge technology at home and in the workplace.

It’s measured via our Technology Readiness Index (TRI) that scores individuals on their tendency to adopt technology and categorizes them into one of five segments.

These segments provide valuable insights into their beliefs and also provide you with a better understanding around their dynamics behind acceptance and satisfaction.

How it’s Different

The metrics and segments underlying TechQual ® have been rigorously tested for reliability and validity. It’s become a global standard across industries for studying technology, and has been used by over 140 scholars in more than 30 countries for scholarly publishing, policy research or dissertations.

Benefit of the Approach

By leveraging our proven TechQual ® solution, we deliver a deeper understanding of consumer acceptance of your new products and services. You also get an added layer of insight for your value-based customer segmentation research.

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