You have a new technology solution and you need to create an effective marketing and product development strategy to attract your target audience. What are the value proposition and benefits to communicate in your marketing?  What emotional needs does the solution fulfill that can be conveyed in messaging?  What is the optimal set of features to include? Can you command a price premium for the product? Through a targeted research process, we can answer one or all of these questions. We will listen to you, understand your unique situation, and develop a custom research approach based on proven solutions that will help you succeed in the marketplace.

At Rockbridge, we have qualitative and quantitative research solutions that can help your company develop, market, and improve your technology solutions.  Rockbridge’s technology research services include:

  • Customer needs assessments and concept testing
  • Positioning and communications messaging development using our MaxMindShare™ and MaxMessage™ solutions
  • Product feature and pricing optimization using our MaxProduct™ solution
  • Customer segmentation to profile and target customers within your market using our MaxSeg™ solution
  • Pricing strategy evaluation
  • Customer satisfaction and loyalty measurement using our MaxShare™ and MaxServ™ solutions
  • Customer dialogue through our virtual qualitative research platform, OpinionPond™

We understand technology.  We have been working in this industry for nearly two decades and have authored a book on the subject, Techno-Ready Marketing: How and Why Your Customers Adopt Technology (Parasuraman and Colby). Read more about our research program on consumer technology readiness.

Our technology clients span a wide range of areas, including software solutions, apps, consumer technology products, and online services.  Examples include: Intuit Quickbooks, Concur, Panasonic, Verisign, Verizon, and the Consumer Technology Association (CTA).