Digital Experience Testing

Getting to the core of what’s driving your customers' digital experiences

The Business Challenge

You realize your site isn’t accomplishing what it was intended to do. Your marketing and development teams need input to improve the experience as the tactical changes and recommendations aren’t making an impact.

Our Belief

To create the best digital experience it needs to start with understanding your customer’s decision process. It means getting at the core of your online experience’s value proposition to determine what’s working and what isn’t.

Our Solution

We provide digital experience testing solutions that identify strategic issues that link to the value, logic, and flow of your online site.

How it’s Different

We work with you to build and establish the foundational information you need to create or improve your site or online experience. This requires identifying and understanding all of the elements like layout, terminology, content, and navigation choices. We then seek to understand how those affect the user experience so we can see how customer objectives line up with your own.

Benefit of the Approach

By taking a comprehensive view, our digital experience testing solutions help you:

  •    Understand the right site architecture
  •    Determine areas of improvement from a communications perspective