Case Study: TechQual™ Helps a High-Tech Firm Hit the Mark with Low Tech Customers


A company in the aerospace and defense industry recently created a Customer Success team charged with ensuring customer satisfaction for a suite of IT security solutions. The Customer Success team believed customers were unhappy, but the team lacked the ability on their own to assess the full customer experience and understand the specific factors that led to dissatisfaction.


To address the client’s goals, Rockbridge designed a survey that measured overall satisfaction and perceived performance and expectation of specific aspects of the customer experience.  While this information provided valuable insights on the reasons behind dissatisfaction, further information was required before the full story could be told.

It happens that the company operates in a high-tech field that serves a wide range of customers — from the biggest defense contractors in the world to small suppliers that serve those companies — leaving room for a mismatch between the technological sophistication of the solution and the savviness of the customers utilizing the solution.  Knowing this was a possible issue when designing the customer experience survey, Rockbridge included a measure of the techno-readiness of the client’s customer base using our TechQual™ solution.

TechQual™ helps companies understand users’ readiness to adopt technology-based services using proven questions from the Technology Readiness Index (TRI), developed by Rockbridge methodologists and academic researchers.  TechQual™ scores individuals on their propensity to adopt and embrace cutting-edge technology, as well as categorizes them into segments in order to provide insights into their beliefs and the dynamics behind their technology acceptance and satisfaction.  TechQual™ also benchmarks survey results against the general U.S. population.

Using TechQual™, Rockbridge found that the average techno-readiness for the client’s customers reaches the 64th percentile compared to all U.S. adults. However, a sizeable minority are in fact skeptical of or even innately uncomfortable with cutting edge technologies, which exacerbated their dissatisfaction with the client’s technology solution. This underscored the need for the client to ensure that their solution was user-friendly and included complete, easy-to-understand documentation.


Going forward, the client coupled their emphasis on innovating and updating their solution with clear, concise messages and a new intuitive interface, both of which would ensure user satisfaction.

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Written by: Hilary Ross-Rojas, Research Director