Creating Dynamic Online Satisfaction Tracking

A client in the financial services industry wanted to track users’ satisfaction with its new online account management system, but needed to enhance the usefulness of the data beyond just tracking changes in satisfaction. This is not an uncommon issue in tracking studies, as management often must justify the cost of continuing to track satisfaction over time, and even as changes in satisfaction tend to be gradual.

Rockbridge designed an online survey with 30 core questions that measure satisfaction with all aspects of the online system, including navigation, content, and ease of use. These questions provide the trackability necessary to determine the impact of changes to the system on satisfaction. Rockbridge also included a “Topic of the Month” section of six to ten additional questions that change every wave. These questions are used to gather data on topics of immediate importance to the marketing team. They address the dynamic nature of an online system and ensure that the survey offers new information in every wave.

In the analysis stage, Rockbridge provides comparisons of satisfaction to past waves to assess changes over time. One unique measure Rockbridge calculates is a Priority Index, which shows the long-term potential of performance attributes to increase satisfaction. This measure helps focus the marketing team on particular aspects of the system that need to be addressed now. This also helps the marketing team by providing new information and keeping them in touch with users.

The results of this tracking study have helped our client identify and correct problems with the system, assess the impact of changes to the system, and determine the types of system enhancements that should be included in the next generation to increase customer satisfaction. The survey remains relevant to the marketing team and keeps them involved, because it continuously offers topics of interest to them.