What Workers Want Study Released

Careers are changing, shifting from the traditional rigid, linear, and conformist path to one that is fluid, agile, and enables individual expression. As a result, many ask: What does it take to be successful in this new world of work? And what holds us back as individuals (not employees) from reaching our goals?

Less than half of American workers are satisfied with their career progression and rate their career success a “low C” (C-).  This study identifies the drivers of career success and what workers can do to get their careers on track and meet their career, and ultimately, life goals.  It also provides insights for employers as they consider hiring and retention strategies in the aftermath of The Great Resignation.

Visit WhatWorkersWant to download the study findings.  If you have questions about the study, reach out to Gina Woodall, President of Rockbridge.

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About the Study

Rockbridge conducted the study on behalf of Connie Steele, a Human-Centered Future of Work Expert, author, co-founder of management consultancy Flywheel Associates, and host of the Strategic Momentum podcast.

The State of Work and Career Success 2022 takes the pulse of what the U.S. workforce wants and needs from their profession as well as the drivers of success. The study dives into the relationship between career and life success in addition to business success.