What is Excellence in Customer Experience Programs?

In today’s dynamic competitive environment, a mature Customer Experience (CX) program is critical to a company building strong relationships, growing sales and avoiding disruption.  A recent study conducted by Rockbridge Associates and Confirmit along with colleagues from the University of Miami and St. John’s University business schools sheds light on what a mature Customer Experience (CX) program actually looks like.

Ideally, a company’s CX program will evolve to the point where it is viewed as Strategic, playing a critical role in the overall success of the company, or Transformational, where the data and its application in decision-making elevates a company to a level where it becomes a disruptor within its competitive arena.  However, less than half of CX Programs have reached these top two tiers of CX program maturity. 

So what makes one CX program more mature than another?

Our research shows that CX program maturity is defined by five stages: Vision, Design, Engagement, Action and Value. For example, a company will ideally begin by setting strategy and goals (Vision Stage), while the final priority should consist of validating that the CX program contributes to the bottom-line (Value Stage).

How do I implement a mature and effective CX program?

The white paper below provides insight into the best practices around the different stages of CX maturity and pertinent findings gleaned from this study, such as industry-wide strengths and painpoints related to CX programs.  For more information, you can also contact us to schedule a free consultation with one of our expert researchers to discuss your specific CX program and any questions you may have.