Rockbridge Introduces Technology Readiness Index 2.0 in Recent Paper Published in the Journal of Service Research

Rockbridge proudly announces the publication of a paper based on our ongoing research on “Technology Readiness” in the Journal of Service Research. “An Updated and Streamlined Technology Readiness Index: TRI 2.0“, by A. Parasuraman and Charles Colby, Rockbridge Founder and Chief Methodologist, introduces an updated version of our scale for measuring consumer technology beliefs, based on a rigorous multi-phase study. The paper also presents a segmentation methodology for classifying consumers and workers into categories based on motivations and inhibitions behind adopting cutting-edge products and services. Click here to read the paper abstract.

Since 1999, the Technology Readiness Index has been a standard tool in Rockbridge client surveys and has been used by over 140 scholars in 30 countries to study technology adoption. For more about the index and how it can help managers gain insight into how and why customers adopt technology, check out our new Technology Readiness Index Primer.