Rockbridge’s Tim Keiningham to Present the Wallet Allocation Rule® at the 2016 Frontiers in Service Conference

Rockbridge’s Chief Strategy and Client Officer, Tim Keiningham, will be traveling to beautiful Bergen, Norway to present the groundbreaking Wallet Allocation Rule® at the 2016 Frontiers in Service Conference.

Founded in 1992 by Roland Rust, the Frontiers in Service Conference is considered by many to be the world’s leading annual conference on service research.  The conference is global and draws attendees from dozens of countries from all over the world.  It is sponsored by INFORMS, the American Marketing Association, and the Center for Excellence in Service at the University of Maryland, and is hosted by various organizations worldwide. The conference is held outside the United States every third year.  In recent years the conference has been held in Taiwan, Australia, and the Netherlands.

The Frontiers in Service Conference features a unique international mix of business people and academics, and a cross-functional list of topics, including service science, service innovation, service marketing, service operations, service human resources, service information technology, e-service, service innovation, and customer relationship management. Speakers at the conference include many of the world’s leading service experts, including high-ranking executives and prominent academics.  Learn more.