OpinionPond™ 2.0 is Available!

OpinionPond™ 2.0 provides a unique online and mobile research experience that captures insights that go far beyond traditional research methods. Version 2.0 includes cutting edge upgrades that ensure a stimulating and productive conversation that can segue from your survey or replace costly focus groups.

How It Works: From Stream to Pond
OpinionPond™ brings survey data alive by dynamically connecting participants in online and mobile surveys to an interactive virtual conversation. For the first time, objective surveys are linked to the rich insights gleaned from an open-ended, moderated discussion, providing a complete understanding of your market.

How can OpinionPond™ be used?

  • Follow customers on their shopping journey
  • Probe on service issues at the conclusion of a satisfaction survey
  • Assess reactions to new product concepts in customers’ own language after quantifying interest in a survey
  • Evaluate video or still image concepts
  • Conduct product ideation sessions
  • Develop and host an online research community with your customers
  • Explore any topic in more detail in a qualitative session before designing a survey of the market

OP-New-FeaturesWhy OpinionPond™

Research stakeholders like OpinionPond™ because it adds color to the survey findings, helping them understand the “whys” behind the data from the same respondents who completed the survey. Researchers also find OpinionPond™ an interesting and unique way to engage survey respondents at their convenience and for an affordable price even if a survey is not part of the initial research plan or only qualitative data is needed.

Key advantages of OpinionPond™ are:

  • Provides quantitative measurement with qualitative context resulting in rich insights
  • Offers more representative sampling because participants are recruited from anywhere in the world and can interact using a computer or mobile device when it is convenient for them
  • Is easy to use and fun because it is designed on a familiar social media platform
  • Offers a quicker project turnaround and is less expensive than focus groups
  • Provides internal researchers and marketing managers the ability to observe or even engage respondents directly from their computer or mobile phone

To view a demo of OpinionPond™ 2.0 and learn how it can provide unique insights for your organization, contact us.