MBO Partners’ Fourth Annual State of Independence in America Workforce Study Released

Independent work in America has developed into a mega trend, with 30 million now regularly working as independents, according to MBO Partners’ fourth annual State of Independence in America workforce study. The 2014 report for the first time assessed both independent workers who work 15 or more hours per week (“solopreneurs” or full-time independents) as well as those who work less than 15 hours per week (“side-giggers” or part-time independents) in order to develop a more accurate picture of the independent workforce as a whole. The study report is available at www.mbopartners.com/state-of-independence.

The MBO Partners State of Independence in America research series is based on more than 11,000 in-depth surveys conducted during the past four years. Independent workers are defined as people who report in an average week working in non-traditional, non-permanent full- or part-time employment and include workers who identify themselves as consultants, freelancers, contractors, self-employed, and on-call workers, among others. For the 2014 study two separate online surveys were conducted during May by Rockbridge Associates, Inc., working in partnership with Emergent Research. The study sponsor, MBO Partners, is the leading provider of management services for independent professionals and the clients that engage them.