Gina Woodall becomes CEO of Rockbridge

As Rockbridge Associates, Inc. celebrates its 20th anniversary, the company board of directors elected Gina Woodall to the position of President. As the chief executive officer, Gina will be responsible for directing the company operations, managing key client accounts, and developing a long range plan. Charles Colby, the former CEO, will assume the title of Chief Methodologist and Founder, and will also serve as Chairman of the Board. Charles will be responsible for ensuring the use of best practices, researching new methodologies, and managing key client accounts. Deborah Colby will continue in her position as Chief Financial Officer.

Gina has nearly 20 years of experience in the market research profession and has a MBA from George Mason University. She joined Rockbridge in 1994 and helped the firm become a leader in custom market research for services, technology and non-profit organizations. Her expertise reaches many areas, including Customer Segmentation and Web Usability. She was instrumental in the development of the company’s innovative social media research platform, OpinionPond™. According to Gina, “I look forward to continuing Rockbridge’s steady growth into the next decade by maintaining our emphasis on innovation combined with excellent client service.”

Charles is a co-founder of Rockbridge and has over three decades of experience in market research. He ensured the company’s success through a focus on creative solutions to the most difficult client research issues, combined with a passion for outstanding service. He has developed several proprietary methodologies for Rockbridge, including the Product Optimizer™ for helping companies identify desirable features for new products and services, the TechQual™ scale for measuring innovation, and the Rockbridge Brand Development Model. Charles has a MBA from the Robert H. Smith School of Business, and is a Senior Fellow at the school’s Center for Excellence in Service. Charles noted “With our new change in structure, I can dedicate maximum time to fostering innovation and introducing new products, while continuing to serve my established clients.”

Charles and Deborah Colby founded Rockbridge in 1992, initially running the company from their basement. Today, Rockbridge works with leading Fortune 500 firms and associations, operates on a global scale, and is recognized for its emphasis on customer loyalty, customer segmentation, product development and branding. As stated by Rockbridge CFO Deborah Colby, “With our sound financial footing, team of dedicated directors, specialists, managers and analysts, and our strong technology infrastructure, Rockbridge has a brilliant future. We thank our loyal clients for their confidence and look forward to exciting times ahead.”