Digital Services

Digital retailers and information services providers exist virtually, providing unique and not so unique challenges for marketing, product and website development, customer service and strategy teams. Questions arise: How will customers interact with you in a mobile, tablet, and other cutting-edge delivery environment? Is our site and e-commerce engine user friendly? Are visitors and customers satisfied with all aspects of the digital experience? Which new products should we offer digitally? How can we drive potential customers to our digital presence?

At Rockbridge, we offer qualitative and quantitative research solutions that can help you develop, market, and improve your digital business. Rockbridge’s digital service research services include:

We understand delivering services virtually.  We have been working in this industry for nearly two decades and have authored a book on the subject, Techno-Ready Marketing: How and Why Your Customers Adopt Technology (Parasuraman and Colby).

Our digital services clients include online retailers and information services providers, including digital-only companies and those with bricks-and-mortar counterparts.  Examples include:, a Fortune 500 online retailer,, and