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When visitors land on your home page, do they know where to go for the information they need, or are they distracted by security concerns, a confusing layout or unfamiliar terminology? More than ever, your organization’s online presence says as much about you, if not more, than your actual storefront. Rockbridge’s navigation and usability research methods and actionable reporting gives your marketing and web design teams a clear roadmap to create a user-friendly and intuitive site that can benefit your wider corporate image.

When examining the user-friendliness and effectiveness of websites, online forms, registration/login procedures, online transactions, and other web-based tasks, Rockbridge’s philosophy is not merely to track eyeballs but to understand through a talk-aloud methodology why the user’s eye is drawn to a particular location on that webpage or form. Does it even make sense to look there versus somewhere else? How do the elements of layout, terminology, content, navigation choices and other factors affect users’ experiences and their likelihood to successfully meet their objectives? Rockbridge provides two strategies to test the user experience: Navigation Testing and Usability Testing.

Navigation Testing

Our clients often find that strategic issues pertaining to site architecture overshadow tactical decisions (such as the labels on a dropdown menu or the number of characters in a text box.) Firms periodically need to step back and review the bigger picture through navigation testing where a users can discuss the overall value, logic and flow of a site. Navigation testing can be assessed in user focus groups or a structured survey. However it is done, navigation testing offers a chance for communications and IT staff to assess anew how site architecture can satisfy user needs and corporate goals.

Usability Testing

Usability testing involves review of a website, online application or order form, log-in/registration or transactional procedure. It departs from a standard market research study in that it aims to simulate the actual user experience by literally placing the user at the keyboard to perform a number of specific tasks firsthand. Such one-on-one Usability testing adds value to website and form design by fine-tuning their functionality in line with the expectations, general knowledge and concerns of the users.
Rockbridge conducts one-on-one testing in-person at a central location or online. An online approach ensures greater validity by having users operate from their home or office, while clients can observe remotely.

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