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How do you compete in a marketplace that is continually shaped by technology? Who are the leading edge customers who can help your organization be ready for the future? How do we ensure your cutting-edge product or service channel will be accepted by your mainstream customers and not just the elites?

Our research on technology readiness. In partnership with A. Parasuraman, University of Miami, Rockbridge engages in an ongoing program of research on technology adoption among consumers and businesses. The heart of this research is the construct of “Technology Readiness,” which is defined as the propensity to adopt and embrace cutting-edge technology at home and in the workplace. We measure this construct using a proprietary scale, the “Technology Readiness Index,” that scores individuals on their propensity to adopt technology and categorizes them into one of five technology segments.

Technology Readiness
Development and Validation.
The TR Index and segmentation is based on years of data collection with a range of populations around the world, and has been rigorously tested for reliability and real-world validity. The results were first published in the Journal of Services Research in 2000, but due to the rapidly changing technology environment, Rockbridge and Parasuraman updated the scale and published the revised version in the same journal in 2014. Prof. Parasuraman and Charles Colby, our Chief Methodologist and Founder, also co-authored a book, Techno-Ready Marketing: How and Why Your Customers Adopt Technology.

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Applications of the Technology Readiness Index. Rockbridge has used the TR Index in hundreds of studies involving innovative technology, products and services, helping clients better understand who their leading edge customers are and the dynamics behind acceptance and satisfaction. The scale has also been used by over 140 scholars in more than 30 countries for peer-reviewed research, policy studies and dissertations. Academics and students may receive a free license to use the TRI scale for their non-profit research by contacting Charles Colby or A. Parasuraman.

The National Technology Readiness Survey. We have tracked technology behaviors and beliefs in the U.S. since 1999 in this survey authored by Rockbridge and A. Parasuraman, and co-sponsored by the Center for Excellence in Service at the Robert H. Smith School of Business. The most recent study was conducted in 2014 among a representative sample of 1230 U.S. Adults. For more information, contact us.

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