Our Clients

Rockbridge serves a variety of industries, but focuses primarily on the services, information, and non-profit sectors. We have particular expertise in e-commerce and e-services, financial services, technology and consumer electronics, media, and associations. Our clients tend to establish an ongoing relationship with us and rely on us to help solve difficult problems using creative and innovative solutions. Our clients include some of the most successful brands, including Fortune 500s in the e-commerce, financial services, consumer technology, and entertainment sectors. Some of Rockbridge’s clients include: Wells Fargo Bank, Verizon, Motorola, Consumer Electronics Association, Ancestry.com, Discovery Networks, Capital One, and AOL.

Our approach to market research recognizes the need to develop a true understanding of a client’s organization and industry. Additionally, we evaluate how the project at hand might impact or be affected by other activities of the organization. These factors help in the selection of the most appropriate research method and in designing the engagement.

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