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Founded 20 years ago, Rockbridge Associates Inc. is an innovative marketing research firm located in Great Falls, VA. Rockbridge provides sophisticated quantitative and qualitative research for Fortune 500 and mid-sized clients in the e-commerce and e-services, financial services, technology and consumer electronics, and media industries, as well as the non-profit and government sectors.

Rockbridge is a special place for energetic, entrepreneurial people who wish to grow professionally, pursue their personal career vision and stay on the cutting edge. Team members are trained in a variety of skill areas, including qualitative interviewing and data modelling. They also receive exposure to a wide variety of projects and clients. We are a small, growing organization with a cohesive team and few layers. We have competitive benefits and a casual work environment. We are open to part-time, flex-time and telecommuting arrangements.

We are currently seeking to fill the following position.

Market Research Analyst. This position is designed to be an introduction to the market research field and focuses on training the analyst for growth within the company to a project manager role.  Analysts will be exposed to all aspects of the research process, and job duties include creating online surveys, tabulating quantitative survey data, quality control data checking, creating graphs/tables for reports and presentations, being a liaison to subcontractor companies, and assisting with focus groups and qualitative analysis. Candidates must be U.S. citizens.

To apply for this position, please contact:

Deborah Colby, Chief Financial Officer
Phone: (703) 757-5213
E-mail your resume to:

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